Monday, April 21, 2008

Trooper Has A Sparkle In His Eyes: 3rd Update


Trooper (right) with his new friend Daisy (left)
Our Super Trooper has shown so much improvement over the last few days.

His breathing (the lungs) is still a concern but his foster mom, Kathy has placed a humidifier by his crate at night time & it seems to have helped some.
Trooper wears a t-shirt a lot so you tend to think he is better than he really is, the wounds are still horrible looking. At the end of the week, the stainless steel stitches will come out he has almost a 100 of them, OUCH!! You can tell by the picture of his face that he is starting to feel better. Kathy says that the eyes are looking better & he wags his tail more! Trooper seems to really enjoy the company of her husband & son. Also, Kathy says that he is still often afraid but is coming around really well & that he tires out really easy.

Trooper enjoyed some sunshine this weekend & he's enjoying all the TLC that he's receiving at Kathy's house. She's a wonderful foster mommy to Trooper!


JennJenn said...

I just love to read these updates and see pictures of Trooper. I just love him so!

Please send Super Trooper kisses and hugs from our house to his :)

berwynres said...

If someone who is near to Trooper reads this, please do give him a kiss on that cute nose of his for me and tell him how many people love him.

The latest update & pics on Trooper left my eyes not so "sparkling" as his– but, well – you know. BIG tears of Joy. Everything about him looks like 500% better – all things considered.

Great that a humidifier by his crate helped his breathing. Brilliant idea!

Just made my day to see this guy looking better – and, indeed – I could see it in his eyes!

Bless you, Liz for all you do – and, certainly, I wish many blessings on the family who has taken Trooper in – not forgetting Dr. Augustin and crew.

Hope this finds all well and happy today.


berwynres said...

Hoping to hear how Trooper is doing and if all those miserable steel stitches were removed yet?
Of course, hoping to hear that he is feeling better all the way around.
Blessings to all who are trying to help this guy make it onto the safe and happy life he deserves.
Berwyn, IL

jackiej said...

What a wonderful way to get updates on Super Trooper! I'll be checking often wanting to know how he's doing.

Bless all of you who've helped to get Trooper this far along...I'm sure he appreciates it and will show it more and more with big grins and great wags of his tail!

berwynres said...

Anxious to hear how the removal of all those nasty stitches went. Of course, also praying to hear that his overall condition is much improved.
Let's all pray for the very best for this guy in our prayers today -- as we pray for the "very best of everything" for so many.

berwynres said...

Heads up everyone! Bill Hageman of the Chicago Tribune has written about Trooper & about Making A Difference Rescue and the piece was published in today's (5/4/08) Trib -- in Bill's "Unleashed" column in the "Q" Section. I understand Bill Hageman to be a really great person -- who does a lot for animals' welfare and safety. In today's column, Mr. Hageman askes that Romeoville police are still wanting any and all information that anyone may have about the man who dragged him to that vets ofice in Romeoville or about dogfighting in that area. Call: 815/886-7219. Just one call from someone might save the lives of more dogs!

Joyce said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the info about the Trib. Liz added a link on the side bar for those who would like to read the article.

We should be hearing something soon on the update on Trooper.


berwynres said...

Just thinking about Liz and how hard she works to help animals & even when she's not feeling 100% herself. Considered yourself hugged, Liz -- for all you do. Of course, those doggy kisses and seeing progress in a guy like Trooper are very encouraging and certainly inspiring to others!
Best wishes to all who are working to help our animal friends.

NeighborhoodWitch said...

Hope all goes well for Trooper, his foster family and all who've been cheering for him. Also hope everyone has a nice weekend.

NeighborhoodWitch said...

Hope all goes well for Trooper. Think about him and pray for the best for him and all our animal friends.

Lisa L in St. Louis said...

We need a Trooper update--it's been too long.

NeighborhoodWitch said...

Yes, Please give us an update on Trooper. I think about that dear dog a lot and pray for a very happy outcome to his story.
Berwyn, Illinois

NeighborhoodWitch said...

Hello and wishing all a safe and happy 4th of July / day off work (hopefully)!
Just wanted all to know that I spoke with Dr. Dennis Augustin yesterday at A-American in Oak Park. I asked about Trooper and him and the other doctor who attend to Trooper said he was, "Doing just great." As we know, the vets offices seem always so busy and he didn't have time to chat much -- but he and the other doctor also talked about Angel and was easy to tell they really are thrilled that these dogs are doing O.K.
My bad for not remembering other doctor's name -- but it was not Dr. Augustin, Sr., because he is still recovering from triple by-pass surgery done a couple months ago.
I got Ozzy and Charley (cats) current on shots and had them chipped - even though they only go out in the back yard "under supervision" -- just enough time morning and evening to roll in the dirt, eat some grass, and do their commando crawl if a squirrel or bird gets too close... Made me feel better knowing they are chipped.
I'd love to see more current photos of Trooper, though -- if possible.
Hope all goes well for everyone.
Berwyn, Illinois

Lisa L. in St. Louis said...

Linda--thanks for the update. It's great to hear they're both doing so well.

Joyce said...

Linda-Thank you for the update on Trooper. I'm glad he is doing so well.
I'm sure Liz is swamped and will get us pictures soon.

NeighborhoodWitch said...

Still hoping to hear how Trooper is doing and praying he is O.K. and thriving on the love and caring he deserves.
Peace and love to all.
Berwyn, Illinois.